Beliefs Change: Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Finding True Love Even after You’ve Left the LDS Church (Mormonism)

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Because change is inevitable, it’s a part of life that you just have to come to grips with. When facing this reality, it’s very natural to have some fears – especially when your beliefs change, you are stepping outside your comfort zone, and that’s not easy. However, you shouldn’t give fear too much power when it comes to looking for true love.

  • There Is NO Evidence Or Link Between Leaving Mormonism (The LDS Church) And Not Being Able To Find True Love. We do acknowledge the fact that leaving LDS church can be a challenging decision in life, and that’s exactly why you need to look after and take care of yourself, including your love life. In fact, many people have found their true love just AFTER they’ve experienced something difficult because they’ve become more resilient, resourceful and have found more inner confidence that translates into their dating lives. After such difficult experience and decision to leave your faith, – now you hopefully understand yourself better and have a profound understanding of life and/or religion in general. Hence, you are now more capable of looking for a suitable partner with like minded ideas and beliefs.
  • As Your Beliefs Change, Be Emboldened & Excited That You Are Starting A New Chapter Of Your Life. Since you are brave enough to be who you really are, you have now started a new chapter in your religious and life journey on this earth. How exciting is that?! You can create and have a totally new identity and outlook on life which will attract a similar and like-minded partner into your life – Yes, your old self and way of thinking doesn’t exist anymore, and the new you is a better version of yourself and will attract a better people into your life. Indeed, when you work on yourself, the quality of your potential partner will also improve. Likes do attract likes!
  • We Believe You Can Only Find True Love After You’ve Become The Real You. When you were a member of the LDS church, you weren’t the real you – obviously, that wasn’t who you really are. Now you’ve left Mormonism; you have become the real you! Actually, you can only find true love after this transformation because your true love will only suit the real you. 

We couldn’t be more excited that you’ve decided to make this decision in your life. There are so many wonderful, charismatic and genuine people leaving the church daily that it truly is a wonderful time to find your soulmate in a post-Mormon world.

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