Beliefs Change. Find & Date People Based On Who You Are NOW!

We understand the complexities of dating especially after your religious beliefs change. We created NEW Dating so you can bypass all the unnecessary explanations of your faith journey and date based on who you are NOW.

Dating for ExMormons

A Dating App For Those On The Same Religious Journey

Dating can be difficult. With all the nuances of religion tossed in the mix it can be downright frustrating. At NEW Dating we want people to enjoy our app stress free knowing that anyone they meet here has an understanding of all the history baggage, family drama, and everything else acquired and attached over the years of belief.

An Ex Mormon Dating App

Create A Profile Using Facebook

We use Facebook so that you know you are matching and conversing with real people. We never post anything to your Facebook feed or do anything other than log you in.

Tap Wow or Nope

Swipe on other user profiles and if you think you'd be a good match, tap 'Wow.' If you don't think this user is a match, tap 'Nope.' Easy as that!

Exmormon Dating

We Want To Hear From You!

Call it a 'Suggesting Box', call it a 'Future Features Section' call it whatever you want, we just want to hear from you what your ideas are. We can't promise we'll implement them all but we'd sure love to know what you love and don't love about the app.

Join The Community!

We at NEW Dating understand the time isn't always right to be public about your religious beliefs. Following us on Instagram is about the most not destructive way to keep up with what's going on out there with religiously like-minded individuals.

Features We KNOW You'll Love 😉

Yes, that type of 'know'...The 'know' you grew up with in the church.

Unlimited Wows

You'll be able to WOW as many people as you want. No restrictions.

Enable Insights

See how many people are viewing your profile, giving you wow and much more.

Be On Top

Nothing like being the one on top. No matter what you'll always be at the top of the list for everyone to see.

Date Ex Mormons Dating Ex Mormons

Share Attachments & Images

We know that once you start making matches and chatting you'll want to send more than just text messages.

Coming Soon!

Features we have in mind will be posted to our community as quickly as we think of them.

Suggestion Box

If you have an idea you'd like to see incorporated into the app, contact us today!

Beliefs Change.

It's never been easier to find someone who shares your religious beliefs and understands the complexities of moving in a different direction with religion and moving on with your dating life without any worries or concerns. A stress free dating app for those whose beliefs have changed.

What are you waiting for - Let's get started!